Candidates & Issues Night
Monday, October 21, 2013

Each fall for over twenty years the Portage Lakes Community Council has hosted a Candidates and Issues night allowing voters in southern Summit County the chance to hear candidates speak first-hand.

In 2013 the event was held at New Franklin City Hall and 16 candidates attended along with speakers representing four ballot issues.

For those who were unable to attend, you can view video of the candidates by clicking on their name below.

Candidates and Issue Night Speaker

Welcome Portage Lakes Candidates & Issues Night

Candidate for Coventry School Board
Robert Wohlgamuth
David Andrews
Chris Davis

Candidate for Manchester School Board
Richard Sponseller
Kelly Dolan
Randy Hoppe

Candidate for Governing Board of Educational Service Center
Susan Lobalzo

Issue 1 - Renewal Levy for the Summit County ADM Board

Issue 2 - Renewal Levy for Summit County Metro Parks

Issue 3 - Renewal Levy for the Akron Zoo

Issue 45 - Additional Levy for Manchester Local School District

Candidate for Barberton Municipal Court Judge
Jill Flagg
David Fish

Candidate for Barberton Municipal Court Clerk
Diana Stevenson

Candidate for Coventry Township Trustee
Ed Diebold

Candidate for New Franklin Mayor
Al Bollas
Bob Lockhart
Terry Harget

Candidate for New Franklin Council at Large
Judy Jones
Robin Aikey

Closing - Portage Lakes Candidates & Issues Night